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Las Pasadas 2015 Las Pasadas 2015 Los Pasada Celebration Sacred Heart members and guests gather for a group picture before venturing out into below freezing temperature (12-16) for a reenactment of Joseph and Mary's search for shelter in Bethlehem. Pictured in second row, left to right is Teresa Thompson who organized the celebration and Father Theo Okafor who presided over the event. 200595980 Joseph & Mary Seeking Shelter John Stroope IV (as Joseph) and Jasmine Recinos (as Mary) led the Sacred Heart Mission Procession through the Village in search of lodging. The group makes many stops and asks for shelter in song and scripture, before returning to the mission for a traditional "Posada", Christmas Celebration. 200595981 Is it Cold Out There? Chris and Silvia Alirez bundle up before joining the Sacred Heart procession through the Village during a very chilly night on Wednesday December 16th. 200595982 Pasada Celebration Patsy Baca holds on to grandson Luke Finch at the Sacred Heart Posada. Luke is the son of Caleb and Nicole Finch. 200595983 Las Posada Invitation 200595985 Mike & Jackie Mike and Jackie Kosack at the Sacred Heart Christmas Celebration on December 16th. 200596006